Goofs & Gaffes

Twisted, strange, clumsy or just plain wrong stuff, all dealing with language.

You got some. I need some. Come on and share the love.

1. Giving “Original Copy” its dignity back.

“Get a 100% original and plagiarism Free dissertation”.

I would never cheat on my school work. I work hard to buy it from professionals.

2. Just so I don’t get confused and inadvertently buy poppers again.

Termium is the Government of Canada’s Terminology Base. It is huge. Concepts or entries have an average of three to five terms, some of which only differ in spelling, basically for standardization issues. It is fed by terminologists and federally hired translators. Until October 2009, it had restricted access, meaning that it was subscription based.

Now its freebased.

3. OK. Termium is definitely Canadian.

Didn’t we just say that most entries had about 4 to 5 terms? Honest to god, pushing Canadian content has gone way to far.

That’s all well and good, but how does that fit in my active lifestyle?


We’ll stop here . Just know that it does go on. WTF, hey!

4. What’s in a name?

Hard. Wood. Gaylord. Length. Flooring. Finish. Stiff competition.

5. Green economy

Economic botanist
Termium, Canada, 2010

Because money doesn’t grow on trees. Or does it…

6. STD for AIDS?

Ontario Aids Network

Context blindness. Making 3 in 10 writers look insensitive.

7. Now, that is à propos

And what about relief for drinkers?

8. POMO government exhibit!

Translation Bureau

A postmodern government is—as I understand it—a government that meets with other postmodern governments and reflects on contemporary and classical governments, and then uses bits and pieces of all genres of governments to present its own very personal interpretation of government, which is usually to be understood by other governments who “get it”.


9. On the importance of phrasing.

Don’t stop believing.

His mother must be very proud.



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