Brake Fist. Hot Tea. Fannies.

The holorime, the hall or ham. It's sometimes vertiginous, seen as witty or a pity, good for giggles, awful for SEO. The holorime is basically a very long perfect rhyme (where all syllables of two lines rhyme parallel in time). It is easy to do, hard to master. It differs from a mondegreen, where the … Continue reading Brake Fist. Hot Tea. Fannies.


Laser-like focus: maximum super-mega hyperconcentration power

As a translator and writer, I need to keep my eyes clean and my attention sharply aimed at adequately evoking images or relaying messages. As such, I like to use words—and syntax—that I feel are suited for the type of communication I am working on. A great deal of my work is in communications, management … Continue reading Laser-like focus: maximum super-mega hyperconcentration power

Fame per clicks

Andy Warhol is well known for, saying, among other things, that, "in the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." I guess he meant that everyone could be world-famous. With the advent of widespread and freely available user-generated and -distributed content, the notion of news worthiness is now in the user/consumers' hands, not solely … Continue reading Fame per clicks

How to give directions to an old Portuguese man (if you don’t speak Portuguese)

"In a certain way, we rely on the others to take the snippets of information we give by speech, and connect them with pieces they have to gather with their senses and their memory." "By lacking accuracy, the ensuing confusion can go from plain annoyance (I swear I thought she meant “foot” massage!) to disastrous consequences (What do you mean, no WMDs?!). "