Brake Fist. Hot Tea. Fannies.

The holorime, the hall or ham.

It’s sometimes vertiginous, seen as witty or a pity, good for giggles, awful for SEO.

The holorime is basically a very long perfect rhyme (where all syllables of two lines rhyme parallel in time).

It is easy to do, hard to master.

It differs from a mondegreen, where the mispelling is a direct consequence of misundersanding the actual meaning.

The mondegreen comes from author Sylvia Wright who, as a child, sang  a scottish ballad, thinking it ended with : “… slay the Earl Murray and Lady Mondegreen,” when it was in fact : “slay the Earl Murray and laid him on the green.” (Thanks to Malapropisms)

You can find many mondegreens on line, but one famous site is of course Kiss This

Now back to holorimes. Here’s my contribution. Where’s yours.

Brake Fist. hot tea. Fannies.


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