Robot Unicorn Attack: a game and its song

The marvel of it all. The endless talent and imagination made whole on the wwww (the world wide web world) will never cease to foster the wonder I hold for post-creation and purity. Like FAIL blog, or my own, Robot Unicorn Attack, which I discovered while loitering at Mecano’s HQ, is one to put in your favorites under Games and Best Score.

The game in itself is fun, simple (z for jump and x for dash), looks great and runs smoothly. But beyond the fact the you are a sterling -and dashing- chrome robot unicorn collecting butterflies, headbutting silver stars and leaving rainbow trails, the game is worth playing long enough just to listen to the overwhelming campy theme song. As addictive as they come. In fact, this ode to forbidden love revealed  might just be the element that really makes this thing celestial. Otherwise, you’d only be riding unicorns. And maybe getting a tattoo of unicorn.

Oh yeah! And did I mention floating islands and dolphin companions…

Robot Unicorn Attack at Adult Swim Games

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